We are a design lab. We create digital art exploring the impact humans have on our natural environment, offering hope through imagination, play and action.

What we make is available to everyone, and will never be driven by profit or business interests. 


Scientists agree that our warming atmosphere is caused by human-made emissions of carbon dioxide, primarily through the burning of fossil fuels and cutting down of carbon-absorbing forests. Excess heat trapped by carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, causes dramatic changes in the ecosystem, including ocean expansion and sea-level rise.

The Sea Level Check App combines scientific projections with augmented reality and live video to show how future sea levels may impact us on a personal or community level. The app calculates future sea levels for your current location and elevation. The experience can be shared in a video loop.

Sea level rise is real and is already affecting coastal regions. 



Help a coral reef and its inhabitants survive threats from pollution and rising ocean temperatures. Chase away dangers like boat anchors or fish collectors with bubble shots. Monitor the water temperature and bring it down by collecting CO2.  As in the real world, the reef will change as its health deteriorates: Stress, coral bleaching, loss of fish and eventually a dead underwater landscape means “Game Over”. 

Reef Hero brings to life the struggles that coral reefs face around the world. It leverages the immersive qualities of a 3D game to make the consequential effects we have on this underwater ecosystem tangible. 


When we drive our gas guzzling cars, burn coal for electricity, or get on an airplane, we pollute the air. This makes it hard to stay healthy. It also contributes to climate change.

Take a selfie using our AR face masks that show how bad the air pollution level is wherever you go. Post a selfie of yourself to tell your friends how air quality affects your life.

Smog Selfie retrieves the US Air Quality Index value for your location using the “World Air Quality Index Project.” This is a service that accumulates publicly available data worldwide.

Air pollution is getting worse everywhere.

Check it. Face it. Share it.

Studio Resilience out in the world.  

We work with communities and organizations. 

LiAnne moderates an expert panel on sustainability (Hawaii Business Leadership Conference 2020).

Studio Resilience is personally trained by Al Gore  (Climate Reality Leadership Corps 2019). 

LiAnne’s article on climate change wins multiple national journalism awards. (Hawaii Business Magazine 2019). 

Studio Resilience gives a TED talk and demos Sea Level Check (Future Forward Conference 2019). 

Studio Resilience co-leads a community presentation about the climate crisis (East Hawaii Cultural Center 2019). 

LiAnne speaks in the keynote panel on climate change (Hawaii Business Leadership Conference 2019). 


Heiko Sacher  has over two decades of experience designing digital products in companies including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Motorola and Skype.

LiAnne Yu  is a PhD anthropologist who creates consumer and brand strategies for Fortune 500 companies and is an award winning writer.

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