We become more resilient as individuals and communities when we participate in the creation and sharing of real-world knowledge.

Studio Resilience facilitates visually powerful and viral forms of citizen science using augmented reality.


For the general public, scientific reports may seem complex and hard to grasp. This can lead people to ignore and even reject science-based conclusions as elitist or fake news.


To marry science with design in order to make data feel immediate, tangible, and actionable, inspiring people to participate in the creation and sharing of insights.


Science exploration tools made for viral social network sharing. A portfolio of apps, visualizations, and share-ables that transform data into intuitive representations of what is and what will be.


Scientists agree that our warming atmosphere is caused by human-made emissions of carbon dioxide, primarily through the burning of fossil fuels and cutting down of carbon-absorbing forests. Excess heat trapped by carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, causes dramatic changes in the ecosystem, including ocean expansion and sea-level rise.

The Sea Level Check App combines scientific projections with augmented reality and live video to show how future sea levels may impact us on a personal or community level. The app calculates future sea levels for your current location and elevation. The experience can be shared in a video loop.

Based in Hawaii, Studio Resilience is  dedicated to supporting the state as a center of innovation for clean energy, sustainability and well-being. We believe that island-generated solutions can play a critical role in global strategies of resilience. 


Scientific evidence clearly indicates that human-made emissions of carbon dioxide have contributed to rising ocean temperatures. When the water is too warm, corals expel the algae living in their tissues, causing them to turn white. Coral reefs can survive a bleaching event, but the stress can make them more vulnerable to death, and reduce the variety of fish that depend on these rich ecosystems.

The Reef Health App uses augmented reality and video to make what is happening underwater visible, providing learning experiences about coral damage, bleaching events, and current health parameters based on location-specific data.

The Reef Health App concept  is currently in development.

The opportunity: companies and organizations seeking to engage with their customers through activating viral forms of citizen science.


percent of people in U.S. who consider social media an important way to get science news  *

44 million

number of followers for National Geographic Facebook page *

$36 trillion

revenue from 6000  companies that have pledged to take science-based climate action **

* Pew Research Center

**  UN Emissions Gap Report 2018


Heiko Sacher  has over two decades of experience designing digital products in companies including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Motorola and Skype.

LiAnne Yu  is a PhD anthropologist who creates consumer and brand strategies for Fortune 500 companies, and moonlights as a business journalist in Hawaii.